Kara Sherrer

Kara Sherrer

writer. editor. digital native.

Kara Sherrer is a writer and editor based in Nashville, TN. Her stories have appeared on USA TODAY College and The Huffington Post, among others.

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The Huffington Post

The College "Weed-Out" Approach Stifles Students' Intellectual Curiosity

"I highly recommend that you don't take Economics 100 unless you absolutely have to."

I looked at my pre-major adviser incredulously.

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The Huffington Post

Speaking Up For Introverts

I sit alone, my headphones tamped securely in my ears. Or at least, I pretend like I am sitting alone.

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The Huffington Post

"The Girl that Ratted" Is Much More than Just That

In February of this year, a charge of rape at the AEPi frat house was filed with Vanderbilt Police. However, it was not until recent weeks that a thread regarding the alleged rape arose on the college gossip forum CollegiateACB.com...