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Kara Sherrer

writer. editor. digital native.

Kara Sherrer is a writer and editor based in Nashville, TN. Her stories have appeared on USA TODAY College and The Huffington Post, among others.

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Pure barre article
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5 Things Barre Workout Newbies Should Know

Barre workouts are nothing new, and both private studios and branded chains have gotten in on the action, with new classes springing up all over the country. Despite common belief, anyone (dancer or not) can do a barre workout, which is why we love them.

Electrolytes article
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5 Questions You Need to Ask About Electrolytes

Read on to find out everything you need to know about electrolytes, and whether or not these electrolyte-enhanced products are worth it.

Lemon herb marinade 006 article
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Life-Changing Healthy Food Swaps, Part II

12 condiment substitutions that will make you instantly healthier.

Wrap it up article
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The Nation's Healthiest College Cafeterias

So much for the "Freshman 15": These college campuses dish up healthy, good-for-you cafeteria fare.

Sports drink article
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The Best Way to Rehydrate After a Tough Workout

What's the ideal post-workout beverage: Coconut water? A sports drink? A protein shake? We give you the run-down.

Open uri20140804 19099 1li85t4 article
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7 Signs That You're Addicted to Exercise

Do you have an unhealthy relationship with exercise? Experts talks about signs that can indicate you do.

Everyday sun protection article
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8 Tips for Gorgeous Summer Hair

Follow this plan for beautiful, healthy locks this summer.

Open uri20140729 4413 y5kvie article
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The 8 Scariest Ingredients in Your Food

Although we don’t think of food as poison, many of the common ingredients in processed food products are actually considered toxic to health.

Open uri20140729 17334 z9ut02 article
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12 Things You Never Knew About Sweat

Because sweat is kinda weird when you really think about it.

Open uri20140729 17334 1jsj6pl article
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12 Healthy Burger Recipes We Love

Think outside the bun with these 12 healthy spin-offs on a classic summer burger.

Open uri20140723 2680 vx8g7y article
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Healthy Fourth of July Desserts

A round up of healthy Fourth of July desserts, including vegan and gluten-free options.