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Kara Sherrer

writer. editor. digital native.

Kara Sherrer is a writer and editor based in Nashville, TN. Her stories have appeared on USA TODAY College and The Huffington Post, among others.

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Tailgate article

12 Budget-Friendly Tips for Tailgating Season

In the interest of stretching our budgets through an entire season, we’ve gathered a list of budget-friendly tips for achieving your best tailgating season yet (without blowing your savings).

Hostess with the mostest photo booth article

14 Completely Perfect DIY Tailgate Party Ideas

We’ve rounded up 14 DIY tailgate party decor ideas from bloggers to help you support your team and stick to your entertainment budget.

Surprise engagement article

Buyer's Guide to Engagement Rings: Part II

Once you’ve selected the perfect stone for your bride (and your budget), you’ll need to select a cut, stone setting and — of course — the ring band itself.

Propsal 3 article

Buyer's Guide to Engagement Rings: Part I

Find the first installment of the two-part guide below, detailing the engagement ring buying process, including how to identify the type and quality of the rock you’re after.

College textbooks article

Buyer's Guide to College Textbooks on the Cheap

A guide to top resources for buying college textbooks online, plus tips for snagging the best books deals every semester.

Open uri20140722 24408 ibx0oc article

14 Stupid-Expensive Luxuries You Never Knew You Wanted ...

We’ve all lusted after a luxury spend or two, and hey, name-brand quality occasionally warrants a splurge. But the rest of the time, we strive not to overspend—and later, as we enjoy a retrospective what was I thinking moment, we laugh. Sometimes really, really hard.

Open uri20140722 20628 ehmjki article

Paying for College: Q&A with a College Admissions Expert

The college application process is difficult enough, but the struggle is only half over once students send off their essays. Most families are then left to navigate financial hurtles—investigating scholarships, grants, and financial aid to find a combination that will allow them to afford the cost of attendance.